Sunday, October 12, 2008

SRCM: Sahaj Marg Meditation

Sahaj Marg or Natural Path is a Meditation system based on Raja Yoga. It is a practice which is simplified and modified to adapt to man’s present life to achieve inner perfection. Yoga and Meditation are associated with Sahaj Marg. Sahaj Marg has no rituals or ceremonies. It is a simple and effective system of spiritual growth.

The main elements of this practice include:

  • Meditation – This focuses on the divine light of the heart. It works to help one to be free from mental and emotional burden.

  • Constant Remembrance – This will help us maintain our meditative state and use it as guide in our daily life.

  • Transmission – This will help us bring change in our life.
Anyone can practice Sahaj Marg. There are no rituals and ceremonies and there are few do’s and don’ts. In this system, it is believed that God is simple, thus, it is also simple to be in touch with Him. It does not distinguish anyone because of their difference in race, sex, status, and so on. Everyone can be a participant of this system.

Because practicing Sahaj Marg is very simple, you only need to do three things: meditate in the morning as you focus on the divine light of the heart. In Sahaj Marg, we meditate on which we choose to become. With our spiritual beliefs, we meditate with the presence of the Divine in the heart. After that, you will do cleansing at night. Everything that we learn from this practice leaves lasting impressions in our life. These help us from realizing the growth that we can get spiritually from this practice. Lastly, offer a night time prayer. Praying will help us deepen our connection with the Divine.

Of course, as everything around us can be transmitted to one another, one unique feature of Sahaj Marg is transmission. Transmission is defined as the utilization of divine energy for the transformation of a human being. The transmission helps remove past impressions which then help enable a person to grow without limitations. It can be directly received from the Master of Sahaj Marg or from preceptors. Preceptors are the ones tasked to introduce Sahaj Marg to other people by conducting Meditation sessions.

Sahaj Marg is a perfect way of relaxing your mind and enjoying the benefits of Meditation. Practicing this system can help you experience direct self-realization and live a better life.


SRCM is Sahaj Marg said...

The practice of Cleansing should be highlighted too as it is also one of the main elements

Master Yoda said...

Hi, you are right. I will try and find articles that will highlight the unique aspect of cleaning in the Sahaj Marg meditation practice as offered by SRCM.

sangeetsur said...

Are there multiple ways to practice cleansing? Is it related to the ancient practice of purification in Hinduism?

Master Yoda said...

I found an article on Cleaning as published in the "New Times", a monthly magazine in Seattle. I have added that for everyone's reference.