Saturday, March 26, 2016

In Search of Realisation

“The practice of Sahaj Marg allows a significant advancement; a true spiritual journey is a real boon for a fervent soul in search of realisation. It cannot be achieved easily and requires genuine commitment on the part of the abhyasi, but you can be sure the result is worth it. A life is not given in vain; it is an element, both tiny and imposing, of this immense creation that is so amazing at all levels. The benefits obtained by practising Sahaj Marg are not yet recognised for their abundant effects. Substantial changes yet to come will further highlight these effects by promoting the evolutionary cycle of life in the world. Everything is so slow 
at the worldly level. The action of Sahaj Marg is geared towards refining the sensitivity of beings incarnated in an Earthly journey that fosters each one’s evolution. None of this is easy to understand, but these matters must be mentioned in order to prepare and further open up the path to knowledge that will become more accessible to all.” 

- Babuji Maharaj

Some of the points raised in this above divine text from Babuji Maharaj, the founder of Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga Spiritual Practice are key to observe and understand. The advancement needed to achieve the realisation being talked about here is not obtainable easily. It requires true commitment as Babuji says above, but at the same time, the results produced by the efforts that an abhyasi puts in, is obviously worth it. Unfortunately neither the abhyasi knows nor the world understands or recognises the contributions that Sahaj Marg is making towards these evolutionary changes that are happening. But as Master Chariji and Shri Kamlesh D Patel puts it, these changes are happening at the inner-most core of the hearts of abhyasis and not visible to all. This silent work that happens in anonymity is the signature work of Sahaj Marg and its Masters, Preceptors and Abhyasis. Let us all benefit by this inner work, derive our essence of life itself from the Transmission (Pranahuti) that we receive from our Master, Shri. Kamlesh Patel and the hierarchy of Masters, and most importantly, participate in this divine movement to the best of our possibilities.

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