Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kamlesh Patel: Master's Poise

I don’t know how many of you met our Master, Chariji Maharaj, and how many of you really observed his life and made it a part of you. We all say, “I would like to become like Master,” but how? How are we going to do that? When we observe the lifestyles of the great masters, what appeals to us is their mastery. But we should go a little bit into their pasts before they became masters. What is it that made them masters? So I would request you all to read their lives before they became masters. What were those high or pristine qualities that stood out and made them what they became? And after they became what they became, for example our Master, what was the outstanding quality that you can highlight in Master?
There are so many of them, but one of them that strikes me the most in our Master’s life was his poise. He was never in a moment of rush. Even when there were ten abhyasis waiting, he would attend to them one by one. When he would give a group satsang, he would take his time and finish it. While giving an individual sitting, he would take his time and finish it. Whatever task was given to him, he would do it with absolute poise. There was never a moment of rush, or being short of breath, doing his tasks. Even when he cooked there was love oozing in his movements. When he fired us also there was poise and a lot of love in it. There was no element of rushing; he took his time in doing all those things so nicely.
Kamlesh D Patel is the current President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (www.srcm.org) and the spiritual successor of Chariji Maharaj. Kamlesh Patel is the current Master of Sahaj Marg along the lineage of the Masters of Sahaj Marg. This is an excerpt from a talk given by Kamlesh Patel on the 1st of February 2015, at Monroe Ashram, New Jersey, USA.

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