Friday, January 1, 2016

Mangoes with Love – Babuji Maharaj

Once, a group of abhyasis from Andhra Pradesh went to Shahjahanpur and gave mangoes to Rev. Babuji Maharaj. As soon as Babuji Maharaj received the mangoes, he started distributing them to all who were present there.

Someone said, "Babuji, they have brought the mangoes for you with a lot of love".

Babuji Maharaj replied, "I know. That is why I have kept the love with me and distributed the mangoes to others!"

- Narrated by Dr. Sanskrit Kannan

The fundamental essence of Sahaj Marg is Pure Love and nothing else. If you look at it from any angle, Sahaj Marg system of meditation practice culminates in this aspect of love, not as in loving someone or something, but in the essence of becoming the principle of Love itself.

Shri Kamlesh D Patel, the current President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission ( and successor of Chariji Maharaj recently gave a talk, “Practice with Love”. Without this element of love, the efforts do not bear fruit, as one would expect.

In this beautiful incident mentioned above, Babuji Maharaj teaches us many things. How to identify the essence of things, and how to keep it? How to identify what is important, what is essential? On the path of Sahaj Marg, the abhyasi comes across many experiences and encounters, all of which can be tools for self-correction along the way. The way of Sahaj Marg is a simple path for spiritual aspirants to start developing love in their hearts and to culminate in the very possibility of becoming Love itself. Shri Ram Chandra Mission is the organization that facilitates this possibility. 

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