Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sahaj Marg Meditation - Condition: Some tips

Sahaj Marg Meditation - Condition: Some tips

From Dr. Sanskrit Kannan

With respect to the excellent advice given by the Sahaj Marg Master, Shri. Kamlesh Patel (Kamleshji) recently not to disturb our condition after meditation by either switching on or switching off the fan, Kamlesh D. Patel added one more interesting and valid advice not to take water after meditation.

I had occasion to ask the same to Rev. Chariji Maharaj in 1983 while travelling by car with Him. " is it not right to drink water immediately after meditation/sitting? "

He told me, " you should avoid taking water after the meditation at least for some time. "

I asked Him, " why?"

He told me, " you see, what happens during meditation is some heat is generated... ( incidentally the word tapas also used for meditation which means heat). So if you take water immediately after meditation it affects the condition. "

He  also told me regarding the hand-position during meditation. " You see the great Masters Buddha and others, how they keep one palm over the other. Or you can keep all your fingers in locked position.

What is the benefit?

He added, " you see during meditation, Yogic energy permeates the whole body.  If you keep your palms on each other or close the fingers in locked position, then the energy is circulated within the body.  On the other hand, if we keep both hands on the thighs or knees with stretched fingers, then the energy is let out.  But in cinema or TV shows we see the so called saints sitting with their fingers either stretched or not joined. This is not the right way. "

We always see the pictures of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj,  Rev. Babuji Maharaj sitting with their palms one on the other. Rev. Chariji Maharaj and Rev. Master Kamleshji also sit in the manner described above by Rev. Chariji Maharaj.

These are simple, yet useful tips.  Also Rev. Chariji Maharaj used to say that some people read news paper immediately after the sitting or see the mobile for messages or calls. This is also not right. We have to educate the Sahaj Marg abhyasis.

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