Monday, December 7, 2015

Movie Tamasha Review: A Sahaj Marg perspective

I saw this Bollywood movie 'Tamasha' yesterday and it was a nice movie. It makes one think and entertains as well. It was different, the caption in its advertisement says, "Why always the same story". It brings up the dilemma of "Do what you like Versus Like what you do". And of course, like any Indian movie, ends up saying that it is best to do what you like, what you love to do.

This made me think and I was trying to see if I can connect any of the lessons that I have probably learnt from Sahaj Marg system of Spiritual practice. I feel most of our decisions are based on emotions and Babuji Maharaj as well as Chariji Maharaj have very clearly warned us of the pitfalls of an emotional life. To the end that Babuji makes a statement, "An emotional life is a dangerous life". Of course, he refers to this from a spiritual point of view.

I read a quote, "Goals are Dreams with Deadlines". Now, it is good to dream big, but actualizing your dream is critical. Deadlines does not make things dry and sour, like how it was trying to show in the movie that a product manager's job is very bad and things like that. It is just that, we add a practical tinge to dreams and make it feasible, possible and available so that one can pursue the dream to make it come true.

One way of looking into this is from Sahaj Marg literature where Babuji talks about desire and craving. According to Babuji, desire when fulfilled leads to further development of desires and this is a vicious cycle because the seed of desire is settled deep within the mind and it germinates at the right opportunity. However, Babuji talks about a peculiar form of craving, which when developed within the heart and when such a craving is fulfilled, it is pretty much the end of the journey and does not lead to any other craving. "One craving that can put an end to all cravings of the human". This is possible only when the craving is diverted towards the absolute, infinite, divine being.

Should one try to distinguish between emotion and passion? Emotions bubble out of desires and play on the heart. They apparently show the drive and love for things to do, but they are only release of desires inside the man. So, as mentioned above, Emotions are just traps that a human mind get entrapped in, however beautiful or romantic they may sound. However, when we look a pure passion for achieving something higher, aligning it with the craving that we talked about, is a powerful tool that can drive us towards the goal.

Another interesting thing shown in the movie is to try and bring out a subtle difference between Success and Excellence. This was nicely shown in the movie. The President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the current Master and successor of Chariji Maharaj, Shri. Kamlesh D. Patel simplifies the spiritual pursuit to nothing but excelling in what we may be doing or pursuing. This statement by Shri. Kamlesh helps in demystifying the spiritual approach for ordinary human beings of the 21st century to understand and apply in our lives. Shri Kamlesh says that success is limited to fame and money, whereas excellence is far reaching and when we excel in something, success is sure to follow.

So, to sum it all up:

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