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Transmitting Spirituality to the Future Generations: Shri. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari

In India we have this funny idea of Ganga
 being a holy river, Narmada being a holy river, Brahmaputra being a holy river. Why? Because from the transcendental heights of the snows where they melt and come down until they reach their ocean, there is a continuity of flow from the source to the goal.

So we human beings, especially those who aspire to civilise themselves in a spiritual way, we are not only to transmit our genes and chromosomes by
 the process of physical reproduction. That every animal does, bird does, beast does, and we do it avidly, with enormous interest in it, lustfully, joyfully, lovingly. The situation may change. But are we 
just transmitters of genes and chromosomes, or are we to transmit something better, something more profound, something with the transcendental dignity of divinity itself? Therefore comes this idea of a spiritual father, a spiritual mother, a spiritual child, a spiritual marriage, as distinct from human marriages, human parentage, human children. Your human children transmit your human genes. The spiritual children must transmit the spiritual genes – if I may use that term, though it’s not correct.

So you see, we abhyasis have, shall we say, a commitment, a responsibility to the future that
 we consider ourselves as transmitters more than anything else.... We are not here to relieve ourselves, even of our miseries. We are not here to find satisfaction and pleasure. They are transitory. We
 are here to absorb, grow into something which, by nature, naturally, will be transmitted to those with whom we come in contact.

Somebody was saying, “Why in the presence of the Master there is so much love and harmony?” Because the Master is like an open flower – not afraid of the bees, not afraid of the ants, willing to be sniffed at by everybody. A closed bud does not distribute its perfume into the air. When it opens, the perfume comes. This is the secret of human life.

So, are you able to fill? Are you willing? Is your heart open enough to say, like Christ says, “Come
 all unto me. Come ye unto me. Suffer them to come unto me.” Are you willing? Are you ready? Are you prepared? Not with the head, not with a momentary emotional setup which says, “Yes, Master, I am here.” I have heard too many people saying it. Are you willing to put your life? Spiritual transmission,
 I mean not in the sense of the Sahaj Marg transmission of pranahuti, but the ability to transmit the spiritual lore, the spiritual wisdom, the spiritual greatness, the spiritual heights of possibilities, of evolution – this transmission needs people who are willing to open their heart at both ends so that it may go through you. Here there is no room for a person who says, “I will take and I will keep.” Society is full of such people who want to take and to keep. This is not the place for that. Here you have to take, add and give. In a sense, like a bank: take money, add interest to it and give.

Can anything be hidden from him? You may strive to hide but he cannot. I mean, it cannot be hidden from him. Don’t seek to hide from him. Expose everything to him that is rotten, so that on the other phase, you may expose everything in you that is delightful, glorious, noble, to the rest of the world. See, this is spirituality. Does the Master regret having to do it? Not at all. Because he has the ability to remove this, so that finally you are beautiful, glorious, noble, all around. To such a day we look forward in your lives, in every one of your lives, in a certain way selfishly too because as I said, you are the future transmitters of such a profound, such a glorious tradition.

Babuji Maharaj said this was the Sahaj Marg system of meditation. Transmission was there seventy or eighty generations before Raja Dasharatha and then it disappeared. Why did it disappear? Because people thought it was too good for the ordinary folk. Even today, you have people who will not teach you some aspects of medicine. They will not teach you certain secrets of gem-cutting or this cutting. Eventually the secret is lost. So, many things have been lost in this great country because of this idea of secrecy in the giver. “No, no, I cannot teach you. This is only for the elite.” Who is the elite? The elite is one who has become elite, not one who was born elite, you see.

Today we have the Master you see, My Master, Ram Chandraji Maharaj, who is willing to trust every one of us with this sacred lore of spiritual evolution to the highest, entrust its practice to our rather besmirched hands, entrust that teaching to our not too trusting hearts, put that enormous burden of transmitting it to future generations on our not very strong shoulders, hoping that as we carry it we will become stronger and stronger. Like anything else, you start carrying twenty kilograms, you can carry twenty-five, then thirty, then forty.

Here it is not a physical load, so your capacity can be ultimately infinite, provided you are willing to carry it. If you don’t, you lapse back into the sordid world until you have developed again the craving, the eagerness, the anxiety to develop yourself, and the willingness now to lift up a load and say: “In the lifting up of this load, in relieving the others of their burden of this weight, lies my destiny.”

Thank you.

[Excerpts from The Principles of Sahaj Marg, Vol. 15, 1st edn., 2012, Author: Shri. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known as Chariji Maharaj, Spiritual Guru, Shri Ram Chandra Mission]

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