Friday, November 27, 2015

Babuji Maharaj on Faith: Some Gems from Sahaj Marg

When suffering is endured with faith and a determination to face up to it, it becomes an unparalleled asset. The best is thus achieved. Each person has his or her own karma and must cope with it. 

The sufferings of the animal and plant worlds are great, and moreover they are not understood by humans as they should be. The plant kingdom is the most helpless, having no means of expression that can be perceived by the human race. 

Courage and perseverance are major assets. When faith and spiritual commitment support a person on a daily basis, everything becomes more bearable, allowing each one to grow. 

--- Babuji Maharaj

Observations: Aren't these real gems of statements from the Master of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. How much humanity and divinity must co-exist in one single person to make such beautiful statements. The current Master, Shri Kamlesh D. Patel has also spoken of faith as one of the highest virtue and extolled the need for faith and acceptance in an abhyasi's life as paramount spiritual traits. 

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