Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is SRCM Sahaj Marg a Sect?

Sahaj Marg is not a path that is restrictive, closed or sectarian. Some principles are adhered to, which is normal, but it is accessible to all. It will always keep growing over time, supported in this by new methods that permit an easy elevation that generates the best. Spirituality is slowly winning over hearts in a manner that is natural and feasible for all. We wish for the spiritual development of our brothers and sisters, without any sectarian constraints. A genuine commitment of the heart is much more productive for everyone than overly strict rules that do not really promote the progress of the seeker. Only the call of the heart is decisive. - Babuji Maharaj

My observations: It is very clear from this above statements, that Babuji makes about Sahaj Marg. There is nothing sectarian about it. There are obviously some principles of Sahaj Marg, which mainly deal with practical aspects and value based system, which are essential for the spiritual growth of the seeker, but it is open to all and purely a heart based system. Kamlesh D. Patel, the current Master is taking this system of Sahaj Marg offered by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, to greater heights by making things more accessible. As referred to it above, "new methods" will help in expansion. 

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